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discuss_fantasy's Journal
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Monday, April 7th, 2008
12:15 pm
Fantasy Community Promotion

I'm not sure whether or not this is allowed. Feel free to delete if not appropriate.

Communautés fantasy666 is for all those interested in fantasy and who like a good debate on films, TV shows, mini series, novels, short stories, comics, podiobooks, audiobooks and everything in between. If you feel like ranting, expressing strong opinions, join us because we like controversy and WE WANT YOU! ;-)

Hope to see you there,


This has been posted on several communities, sorry for those who get this message several times!

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Friday, February 17th, 2006
5:21 pm
Open Call for Writers
Oasis Publications is seeking writers who wish to have their original works published.

While it's still in the developmental stages, we have created the community oaiscall as an open call for writers and artists.

Check out our Community Information Page for more information on the community and what to do.

Have fun!

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Thursday, January 26th, 2006
8:54 am
American Civilization

Good Morning to all,

I need a little help. My American Civilization class this semester is going to deal with protest or counter culture through discourse in America. So, I suppose that we are going to cover a large historical period from the abolitionists to what we call in French, "the altermondialists". I have to pick a subject that I will wirte a paper on. Here's my question: what about SF or Fantasy as a means of protest or as the expression of counter culture?

One of the examples I can think of, would be Farmer and the importance of sex in his books published at a time when sex was more of a taboo.

Obviously, I am limited to American authors.

Thank you in advance for your help and I apologize for those of you who are members (or just watching) several different communities as this message will be posted in many communities.



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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
10:37 pm

hmm. have been discussing cersi in martin's song of ice and fire. i see her as a survivor, someone who didn't care what the men of the world wanted her to do (marry the king, have his kids) because she did that AND still did her own thing. she seems to me to be a fighter, someone desperate for her own position in life, her own power, and yes, ok, she does bad shit, and she goes about it ALL wrong, but she just wants control and i can't see anything wrong with that.

BUT a lot of peopel seem to hate her. they say she is cruel, abusive etc. adn i find it fascinating that people think so badly of her, yet tolerate the same sort of behaviour in a male character.

i also find it fascinating that so many people are abhored with the idea of cersi fucking her brother jamie, but will happily ignore the violent rape case that also took place.

it kinda seems to me that even some readers of fantasy, some women, don't seem to accept or tolerate, women doing what women want to in books. cersi chose to fuck her brother, that girl didnt' chose to be raped. but for some reason the rape isn't seen as bad as the consentual incest. cersi is abusive, she is manipulative, she is a littel crazy! but she was abused, and hurt and used as a child, she is damaged. teh same can't be said of some of the men who have done what she has, or worse! (little finger, for instance)

so what do you think, really? do you think that readers of fantasy, even women, judge female characters harder than the male? that they accept more from them and will tolerate less? because it is how it seems to me with the big, we hate cersi thing going on, while other peole do far worse (granted, they aren't as real a character as she is) but i often hear of it in other books as well, cruel women seem to be talked about far more often than cruel men. we dont' expect women to do those things, but is that a reason we should hate them more when we do?
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
9:51 pm
thought i should make a post, cos we need some activity!

anyhoo, what bothers me in the world of fantasy writing, is how some writers become so DESPERATE to make you like or hate their characters, that they go overboard and create a monster.

for me, goodkind is an example, trying to write a perfect hero in richard, he created a bland, boring asshole i would like to see killed very painfully

his evil entity, taht jalangag guy. who didn't really appear as a character in the four dire books i read. that's another example for me. he had men working for him who are pedophiles, he lets his slavers gang rape tonnes of woemn. it just seems so over the top that it isn't scarey or threatening, its just sad and pathetic. that surely isn't what someone wants from an evil character, that they're pathetic?

i often think that robin hobb also tried too hard to make us like her althea, from the liveship traders. she kept pushing us with how strong althea was, and how evil her brother in law was, but in the end, it was kyle i could relate to, doing what he thought he had to for his family, only wanting the best, and just out of his league, not not althea, who was spoilt and conceited. tho i could be wrong. perhaps robin hobb wanted to create a character as a heroine that was really unlikeable? i just felt that in her attempt to make althea cool and independant, she made her whiney and self absorbed. like her other creation malta.

i know this can sometimes happen indirectly. i have a character myself that i wanted to appear fun and rogish, your typical characsmatic type guy, but to some he's annoying and selfish! so i nkow sometimes it can be the readers own interpretation, but other times i think its a case of the writer pushing too hard.

just reminds me of homer simpsons, when he was trying to get people to like the poochie character, and he suggested that when poochie isn't around, people should talk about him, and that the character should be more out there, and in your face. and i think that's true. i think that writers sometimes go overboard in their attempt to make thier characters appear a certain way, that they lose it altogether.

i think that the balance is important, that writers should try and not push their characters traits onto us so hard.

what do you think?
Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
10:19 am
A Question of Wounds
A Question of Wounds.

Can anyone suggest books or other sources dealing with the effects of sword, arrows, knife (and a selection of other medieval type weapons) wounds on the body? Bullets or gunpowder related wounds are not applicable.

Or medieval torture effects on the body? Yep, one of my characters gets caught.

Info like: Where can you get stabbed and live (and I do not mean areas like the little pinky either, I heard you, smart guy. grin), how much damage can the body take before croaking and that kind of stuff. And to stave off the variables issue, the victims will be: fit and healthy. I am not addressing the mental trauma aspect here, just the physical aspects.

I've heard that "Body Trauma" one of those writing reference series books does not cover sword damage or anything but modern owies. (Of course, my library doesn't have that one either so I can't see for myself). Note: Someone else just told me that the Body Trauma book does provide some info on sword wounds.

I am not after seriously grizzly details, I don't want to get grossed out or set my readers to barfing in revulsion but a little more information would be smart. Thanks!

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
11:18 am
Travel Questions
I have been researching travel distances and I am having a hard time finding answers.

Has anyone run across resources on or know the answers to:

Looking at 19th century (the 1800's) or earlier. Earlier is much better.

1. How far can an adult walk on a dirt road in a day? Regular travel pace? In a hurry?
2. How far can you ride in a day? Regular travel pace? In a hurry?
3. How far can a full wagon travel in a day?
4. How far can a medium sized merchant ship sail in a day? The ship MUST be pre 1700's.

Anybody know? Anybody have a book title to suggest? Maybe a web site?
Keep in mind that people were different back when. They weren't "Athletes" or couch potatoes.

I'd be grateful for any assistance! Thank You.
Sunday, August 21st, 2005
10:38 pm
Hey. I invite you to join my new community, thoughts_secret, inspired by PostSecret. :) Give it a shot.
Thursday, August 18th, 2005
1:03 pm
Another "Get to know people excercise"
So in an effort to get to know people here since I only know oracleofdoom in here I would ask this.

What five books/series have you read that made the most impact on who you are?

They can be other than fantasy but I doubt this will be often.

For me they are:Collapse )

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7:10 am
Examining my own agendas
Before I begin expressing my meandering thoughts... We need some PR you guys! I advertized this among my Friends list. We need more people to join this community! Okay.

I was actually thinking about some of the things that were discussed in the other community which shall not be named, about political agendas and whatnot. I believe our lovely mod here said that political agendas don't belong in fantasy, and to a point, I agree. But only to a point. Some authors are clearly writing to clobber us over the head with their political agendas. *cough*GOODKIND*cough*

At the same time, there's gonna be a theme involved. At times, it's highly valuable, in books like The Handmaid's Tale (one I feel EVERY woman should read). Looking at my own fantasy novel I've been working on for the past three years, Destiny's Pawns, the intended theme is really forgiveness. If I were to pick one. Rereading some of the events that occur, I was amused to see that one could completely misinterpret my political views. I have a tangible pantheon of deities in there, for example, and when one character travels to another continent where the inhabitents believe the gods are fictional, she refuses to accept that, and she's right. Which may make it seem that I'm saying atheism is wrong and the Christian God is real, but really, I'm a very atheist-friendly pagan girl. That's just one example, and I don't want this to degenerate into a discussion in which we feel the need to debate politics. I'd like to keep it all as it pertains to literature or/and our own writing.

Does anyone else find their own writing expresses something OPPOSITE a lot of their political views? Or do you deliberately make your own a part of your theme?
Monday, August 15th, 2005
10:51 am
what's your favorite fantasy character?
Hi all,

I believe this is the first post. So saying hi first :)

What's your favorite fantasy subject or character?

I personally like unicorns, because they describe my personality quite well. I always try to be good to people in my environment but I'm also introverted so I often hide and be by myself.

I also like gryffons (gryphons) because they look quite almighty.

What about you?
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