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Thoughts of a nerdy feminist

Examining my own agendas

Before I begin expressing my meandering thoughts... We need some PR you guys! I advertized this among my Friends list. We need more people to join this community! Okay.

I was actually thinking about some of the things that were discussed in the other community which shall not be named, about political agendas and whatnot. I believe our lovely mod here said that political agendas don't belong in fantasy, and to a point, I agree. But only to a point. Some authors are clearly writing to clobber us over the head with their political agendas. *cough*GOODKIND*cough*

At the same time, there's gonna be a theme involved. At times, it's highly valuable, in books like The Handmaid's Tale (one I feel EVERY woman should read). Looking at my own fantasy novel I've been working on for the past three years, Destiny's Pawns, the intended theme is really forgiveness. If I were to pick one. Rereading some of the events that occur, I was amused to see that one could completely misinterpret my political views. I have a tangible pantheon of deities in there, for example, and when one character travels to another continent where the inhabitents believe the gods are fictional, she refuses to accept that, and she's right. Which may make it seem that I'm saying atheism is wrong and the Christian God is real, but really, I'm a very atheist-friendly pagan girl. That's just one example, and I don't want this to degenerate into a discussion in which we feel the need to debate politics. I'd like to keep it all as it pertains to literature or/and our own writing.

Does anyone else find their own writing expresses something OPPOSITE a lot of their political views? Or do you deliberately make your own a part of your theme?
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