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American Civilization

Good Morning to all,

I need a little help. My American Civilization class this semester is going to deal with protest or counter culture through discourse in America. So, I suppose that we are going to cover a large historical period from the abolitionists to what we call in French, "the altermondialists". I have to pick a subject that I will wirte a paper on. Here's my question: what about SF or Fantasy as a means of protest or as the expression of counter culture?

One of the examples I can think of, would be Farmer and the importance of sex in his books published at a time when sex was more of a taboo.

Obviously, I am limited to American authors.

Thank you in advance for your help and I apologize for those of you who are members (or just watching) several different communities as this message will be posted in many communities.



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Robert Heinlein took on sexual taboos in his Science Fiction Novel, "Time Enough for Love."

As I recall, I read this in the early 70 or late 60s.

Another good example of taking on social stigmas and equality was also confronted by Heinlein in Mute. Personally though, even though I'm a lover of sci-fi/fantasy, I would turn to the Beatniks for this particular class.