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A Question of Wounds

A Question of Wounds.

Can anyone suggest books or other sources dealing with the effects of sword, arrows, knife (and a selection of other medieval type weapons) wounds on the body? Bullets or gunpowder related wounds are not applicable.

Or medieval torture effects on the body? Yep, one of my characters gets caught.

Info like: Where can you get stabbed and live (and I do not mean areas like the little pinky either, I heard you, smart guy. grin), how much damage can the body take before croaking and that kind of stuff. And to stave off the variables issue, the victims will be: fit and healthy. I am not addressing the mental trauma aspect here, just the physical aspects.

I've heard that "Body Trauma" one of those writing reference series books does not cover sword damage or anything but modern owies. (Of course, my library doesn't have that one either so I can't see for myself). Note: Someone else just told me that the Body Trauma book does provide some info on sword wounds.

I am not after seriously grizzly details, I don't want to get grossed out or set my readers to barfing in revulsion but a little more information would be smart. Thanks!
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